I’m the born optimist, so much so that I was dreaming of a new hiking camping tent (& camping gear of all kinds), and delicious warm weather, on New Year’s Eve, oh my! I was daydreaming of all the diverse outdoor equipment gear that’s available out there. One tent in particular caught my eye.  A great advantage of this tent is that it is a 2-pole square dome tent, not the standard 3 pole. In addition, it has a hanging gear loft organizer, 2 built in water bottle holders, a corner organizer, and a wall organizer with mirror! This tent also has four large zippered windows that provides great ventilation and allows for nervous campers to quickly see what is making that noise outside the tent in the middle of the night! In addition, there are high and low door vents to aid air circulation. What is also remarkable with this tent is the height - 7ft! It also has a heavy-duty floor with an area of 121 sq ft, ample space for storing all the tent & camping gear. This tent will make it so easy to organize all of our outdoor equipment gear.  It’s called the Eureka Sunrise 11 tent and I think it would be a great addition to anyone’s tent camping gear.  To have a look, click here.